Comparing estimates and choosing a painting contractor

When choosing a painter for your project, it can be a bit overwhelming. Paint contractors are a dime a dozen. Finding a good painter is not so easy.

Prices can vary quite a bit. Quite often the consumer will simply look for the lowest price. More often than not, they may very well be comparing apples to oranges.

Not all paint jobs are equal. Not by a long shot. When you receive your estimate, take a good look at the scope of work. A good painting estimate will be detailed. How many coats? What products will be used? What procedures will be done during prep? Will the painter be covering and protecting anything that needs to be keep clean. Will the painter put up paint samples prior to starting? Is there a warranty? There is quite a bit to take into consideration.

At Northwest Painting we take a great amount of pride in all our jobs. We go the extra mile on prep work. We take the time to cover anything that isn’t supposed to be painted. We use premium products, and we do two coats. We provide a 5 year warranty on exteriors.

If you’re seeking a painting estimate in the Vancouver/SW Washington area, call Northwest Painting Inc @ 360-225-7427 for an estimate.



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