The benefits of two coats of paint

One coat or two? This can be quite confusing with all the commercials these days advertising “One Coat” coverage paint. This is hype, and not true. To achieve the true color, two coats are almost always required. Also, most paint manufacturer’s require two coats of paint for the warranty. On exteriors, two coats will provide a much longer lasting job. Up to 50% longer.

A 2nd coat will also take care of any areas that may be light or missed on the first coat. Most the cost of a new paint job is labor. On average, paint is only 10 to 25% of the cost. Also, prep is a big portion of the job. Applying a 2nd coat does not take that much more extra time. When you consider the benefits of a 2nd coat of paint, you are actually saving money. The best value is a two coat paint job. A high quality paint is also recommended.

At Northwest Painting, we always bid our jobs for two coats of premium paint. We have painted exteriors all over the Vancouver and SW Washington area with beautiful and long lasting paint jobs.


If you would like to receive an estimate for interior or exterior painting, call Northwest Painting at 360-225-7427 to schedule an appointment.


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