Lacquered Knotty Pine

Northwest Painting Inc recently completed doing the finish on a knotty pine trim package on a job in Vancouver Washington.

Lacquered Knotty Pine
Knotty Pine lacquer job by Northwest Painting Inc

The job consisted of a new trim package with knotty pine doors, door frames, trim around windows, and baseboards. Product used was Rudd Pre-Catalyzed Satin Lacquer.

Rudd Pre-Cat Lacquer

Two coats of lacquer sanding sealer were applied followed by two coats of satin lacquer

Rudd Pre-Cat Lacquer Northwest Painting Inc
Rudd Pre-Cat Lacquer

All woodwork was sanded between coats and putty was mixed to match wood tone.

Colored putty Northwest Painting Inc
Colored putty

Walls were primed and first coated before trim installation.

First coat walls Northwest Painting Inc
First coat on walls

After trim was installed, walls were masked off before lacquer was sprayed

Masked off for lacquer
Spraying Rudd Pre-Cat Lacquer Northwest Painting Inc
Spraying Rudd Pre-Cat Lacquer

After completion of lacquer, we unmasked and final coat was brushed and rolled on walls. Priming and doing a first coat on walls prior to trim insallation helps to leave a perfect cut in job when complete

Final coat on walls Northwest Painting Inc
Final coat on walls
Rolling Final coat

We really enjoyed working on this project. The knotty pine has a beautiful and distinct look when finished.

Lacquered Knotty Pine Doors Northwest Painting Inc
Lacquered Knotty Pine doors



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