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New Construction Interior Painting System

Here I will discuss one system I often use for interior painting on new construction. Now please keep in mind every job and every situation often is different. On some jobs, this system might be feasable. On others it won’t.

This is a system I use when walls and ceilings are different colors. I will use two different jobs as examples in this post. One job where we finished the trim package along with the painting of walls and ceilings and another where we only did the walls and ceilings. No trim.

Here in the Pacific Northwest most drywall is textured. Most often, a splatter texture. The drywallers will prime before they texture. When I arrive on the job after texture is complete, I prefer to prime again to seal the texture. This is followed by two coats of quality paint.

12219494_495378373954727_8491011348698052592_n - Copy 12243156_494037770755454_1633928376506739259_n - Copy

We begin with priming, followed by a first coat on ceilings. This particular job was a knockdown texture on both walls and ceilings.

12115452_495378397288058_3393363898424801098_n - Copy

After first coat on ceilings, we spray first coat of finish on walls. I spray walls vertically, and overlap onto ceiling so the top portion of wall has a solid coat.

11012087_495636780595553_9166999846922091065_n - CopyWhen I have accent walls, I simply overlap one color onto the other.

12241305_493860207439877_3837374155282635458_n - Copy

Once the walls have had a chance to dry, I mask off at the top of the wall. This is how I establish a nice clean and straight cut in line.

11220869_496061593886405_6677537666422941061_n - Copy12246695_496014503891114_1584418625584125571_n

After walls have been masked, I seal tape with clear “paintable” caulking. (white will show on many colors)

12278982_496061683886396_1705459295663232345_n - Copy

I paint over the caulking while it’s still wet and only caulk one area at a time so caulking doesn’t have a chance to dry. It’s also important to run a tight bead and remove any excess. You only want to seal the tape to prevent paint bleed. That’s it.

12279098_496061693886395_3432217951257874100_n - Copy.jpg12235135_496061707219727_1888469424303481860_n - Copy

As soon as a room or area has been sprayed, I pull masking while paint is still wet.

1901130_496061750553056_5336198846240281574_n - Copy10486447_496061733886391_3126975140838529781_n - Copy

We now have a nice clean line at the top.

12227728_496061777219720_3101514301466440212_n - Copy

Ceilings now have been final coated and walls have first coat of finish. Job is ready for trim carpenter.

Once trim package has been installed, we will mask walls off around trim prior to spraying trim.


Trim package is finished, unmasked, and now we are ready for a final coat on walls. Since walls were first coated before trim was installed a perfect cut in job is now an easy task.

Final coat on walls Northwest Painting Inc

We cut and roll the final coat throughout the job.


12227119_495075257318372_2272709348726138993_n - Copy12369195_502324993260065_1516916284289152362_n11223582_494597970699434_6570672638836888401_n - Copy12239731_494597897366108_1164310515229303757_n - Copy

Accent walls can also be done with the tape and caulk technique.

12249627_495088010650430_2568085225735340608_n - Copy10387482_495088063983758_2717314307087690626_n - Copy

The end result is a nice clean looking paint job with crisp lines

12239866_494690060690225_271002248757929635_n - Copy12241535_495095170649714_6094697714463442023_n - Copy12241648_496361787189719_2397586344877945362_n - Copy1915202_508563649302866_1510737774527623356_n - Copy

Lacquered Knotty Pine Doors Northwest Painting Inc

12239483_496361717189726_7406077041843802247_n - Copy

Written by Mike Pope

I am a master Journeyman painter and I have worked in the painting industry since 1983. Thank you for reading, Mike 12345440_499528810206350_5611457983150002494_n (1)

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