Felida Washington Exterior Painting

Northwest Painting Inc  recently completed exterior painting on a home in Felida Washington.

13240504_562096360616261_11721911764315943_n (1)The exterior was pressure washed, then re-caulked in the areas where old caulking had failed. After prep worked was complete, two full coats of Miller “Evolution” Velvet Paint was applied. “Evolution is Miller Paint’s finest exterior paint. 13012710_553416158150948_5240927953578262866_n.jpg

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Vancouver Wa Deck Refinishing

13164247_561332130692684_7913270014827040753_n (1)Northwest Painting recently completed a deck refinishing job in Vancouver Washington.

This deck was in serious need of a facelift 13178837_560579470767950_2101350074525423406_n - Copy.jpg

First the old finish was removed with Storm deck stripper

After finish has been removed a neutralizer/brighter is applied. This neutralizes the stripper, removes dead wood fibers, and restores proper PH levels to the wood.

Next deck is given time to dry and then sanded. Notice how the wood has now brightened up. Sanding removes the raised grain.

Before staining, deck needs to dry 48 hours. Moisture content should be between 10-14% 13177702_560986820727215_908906617144475721_n.jpgNow for the fun part…… Time to stain. On this deck we used Sikkens Cetol SRD Stain  Color used was “Butternut”

The end result is a revitalized deck with a new finish.

Compare the before and after photos

If you are in need of deck staining & refinishing services in the Vancouver Washington area, call Northwest Painting at 360-225-7427 to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Painting Aluminum Gutters With DTM

People ask can aluminum gutters be painted? The answer is yes. Latex paint holds up just fine on gutters. Any quality acrylic latex paint will hold up just fine.

First they will need to be cleaned. Pressure washer or a by hand with a mild soap and a scrub brush. Rinse soap and allow to dry. Do not paint in direct sun. Paint will set up to quickly show lap marks and will not look right.

 Northwest Painting has painted exteriors of homes all over the Vancouver Washington area. We prefer to use a DTM paint. (Direct to metal) The reason we choose this product is it’s a waterbourne enamel. DTM is fast drying and dries hard. When dry, it lays down and leaves smoother and more durable finish then ordinary house paint. DTM also has excellent color retention. After painting many gutters over the years, we have found this product gives us great results.

Gutters can be painted by brush, roller or spray application. Spraying often requires masking depending on the situation and roof will need to be shielded to protect shingles from overspray. Brushing is probably the easiest and most common method. Always finish with final strokes going from dry to wet to avoid brush and lap marks. We prefer to roll our gutters. This method has given us the best results. Rolling leaves a smooth and consistant finish with no brush marks. With this nethod, you must move fast and know how to apply just the right amount with the proper sized roller cover to avoid roller stipple. When rolled properly, the gutters will look like they were sprayed when dry.

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It’s just paint!

When hiring a painting contractor, many people just assume a paint job is a paint job. Painting is painting. This could not be further from the truth. When comparing estimates, the prices can vary quite a bit. Some will just look for the lowest price without realizing the scope of work varies quite a bit from one estimate to another.

Interior Painting


1) Protection: Clean drop cloths? At Northwest Painting we have separate drop cloths for interior painting and older ones for exteriors. We cover furniture with plastic to protect from dust, paint, etc. We also clean up at the end of each day.

2) Prep work: Proper prep is key to a quality paint job. Will electrical plates be removed? Patching. Will patches be textured to match existing texture? Will patches be primed?

3) Trim: Will trim be sanded prior to painting? How many coats?

4) Paint: Not all paint is created equal. All paint companies sell different lines of paint from low-grade paint, middle-grade, and high-grade top of the line paints. What products is your painter using? How many coats?

Exterior Painting11403115_454251674734064_7272087061256070063_n

1) Prep: A few things to make sure. Is exterior going to be pressure washed? Is the painter using soap like Simple Green? Scraping and sanding loose or peeling paint? Priming bare wood? Caulking? Covering up to protect surfaces like concrete, roof, landscaping, etc?

2) Paint: What products will be used? How many coats?

A good painting estimate should be detailed. It should list prep procedures, materials to be used, and number of coats to be applied.

Northwest Painting is based in Woodland Washington and specializes in residential repaints in the Vancouver Washington area. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Wa Lic # NORTHP1854D6.

We take the time to cover up and protect. We go the extra mile on prep work and we use top of the line products applying two full coats of paint. Call Northwest Painting to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. 360-225-7427












Spring has arrived in Vancouver Washington!

Spring 2016 has finally arrived in Vacouver Washington! Now is a great time to consider sprucing up that exterior with a fresh paint job by Northwest Painting. wpid-img_20150703_175349967.jpgNorthwest Painting is your Vancouver Washington painter and specializes in residential repaints in the Clark/Cowlitz County Washington area. Over 30 years experience. Licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

So, why is spring a great time to call and book exterior painting? We all know how short of a window for exterior house painting we have here in the Pacific Northwest. By summer, most the good painters are booked and prices increase.

At Northwest Painting we start by going the extra mile on prep and only use the finest materials. No cheap paint on our jobs.

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Vancouver Wa Painter

New Construction Interior Painting System

Here I will discuss one system I often use for interior painting on new construction. Now please keep in mind every job and every situation often is different. On some jobs, this system might be feasable. On others it won’t.

This is a system I use when walls and ceilings are different colors. I will use two different jobs as examples in this post. One job where we finished the trim package along with the painting of walls and ceilings and another where we only did the walls and ceilings. No trim.

Here in the Pacific Northwest most drywall is textured. Most often, a splatter texture. The drywallers will prime before they texture. When I arrive on the job after texture is complete, I prefer to prime again to seal the texture. This is followed by two coats of quality paint.

12219494_495378373954727_8491011348698052592_n - Copy 12243156_494037770755454_1633928376506739259_n - Copy

We begin with priming, followed by a first coat on ceilings. This particular job was a knockdown texture on both walls and ceilings.

12115452_495378397288058_3393363898424801098_n - Copy

After first coat on ceilings, we spray first coat of finish on walls. I spray walls vertically, and overlap onto ceiling so the top portion of wall has a solid coat.

11012087_495636780595553_9166999846922091065_n - CopyWhen I have accent walls, I simply overlap one color onto the other.

12241305_493860207439877_3837374155282635458_n - Copy

Once the walls have had a chance to dry, I mask off at the top of the wall. This is how I establish a nice clean and straight cut in line.

11220869_496061593886405_6677537666422941061_n - Copy12246695_496014503891114_1584418625584125571_n

After walls have been masked, I seal tape with clear “paintable” caulking. (white will show on many colors)

12278982_496061683886396_1705459295663232345_n - Copy

I paint over the caulking while it’s still wet and only caulk one area at a time so caulking doesn’t have a chance to dry. It’s also important to run a tight bead and remove any excess. You only want to seal the tape to prevent paint bleed. That’s it.

12279098_496061693886395_3432217951257874100_n - Copy.jpg12235135_496061707219727_1888469424303481860_n - Copy

As soon as a room or area has been sprayed, I pull masking while paint is still wet.

1901130_496061750553056_5336198846240281574_n - Copy10486447_496061733886391_3126975140838529781_n - Copy

We now have a nice clean line at the top.

12227728_496061777219720_3101514301466440212_n - Copy

Ceilings now have been final coated and walls have first coat of finish. Job is ready for trim carpenter.

Once trim package has been installed, we will mask walls off around trim prior to spraying trim.


Trim package is finished, unmasked, and now we are ready for a final coat on walls. Since walls were first coated before trim was installed a perfect cut in job is now an easy task.

Final coat on walls Northwest Painting Inc

We cut and roll the final coat throughout the job.


12227119_495075257318372_2272709348726138993_n - Copy12369195_502324993260065_1516916284289152362_n11223582_494597970699434_6570672638836888401_n - Copy12239731_494597897366108_1164310515229303757_n - Copy

Accent walls can also be done with the tape and caulk technique.

12249627_495088010650430_2568085225735340608_n - Copy10387482_495088063983758_2717314307087690626_n - Copy

The end result is a nice clean looking paint job with crisp lines

12239866_494690060690225_271002248757929635_n - Copy12241535_495095170649714_6094697714463442023_n - Copy12241648_496361787189719_2397586344877945362_n - Copy1915202_508563649302866_1510737774527623356_n - Copy

Lacquered Knotty Pine Doors Northwest Painting Inc

12239483_496361717189726_7406077041843802247_n - Copy

Written by Mike Pope

I am a master Journeyman painter and I have worked in the painting industry since 1983. Thank you for reading, Mike 12345440_499528810206350_5611457983150002494_n (1)

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