It’s just paint!

When hiring a painting contractor, many people just assume a paint job is a paint job. Painting is painting. This could not be further from the truth. When comparing estimates, the prices can vary quite a bit. Some will just look for the lowest price without realizing the scope of work varies quite a bit from one estimate to another.

Interior Painting


1) Protection: Clean drop cloths? At Northwest Painting we have separate drop cloths for interior painting and older ones for exteriors. We cover furniture with plastic to protect from dust, paint, etc. We also clean up at the end of each day.

2) Prep work: Proper prep is key to a quality paint job. Will electrical plates be removed? Patching. Will patches be textured to match existing texture? Will patches be primed?

3) Trim: Will trim be sanded prior to painting? How many coats?

4) Paint: Not all paint is created equal. All paint companies sell different lines of paint from low-grade paint, middle-grade, and high-grade top of the line paints. What products is your painter using? How many coats?

Exterior Painting11403115_454251674734064_7272087061256070063_n

1) Prep: A few things to make sure. Is exterior going to be pressure washed? Is the painter using soap like Simple Green? Scraping and sanding loose or peeling paint? Priming bare wood? Caulking? Covering up to protect surfaces like concrete, roof, landscaping, etc?

2) Paint: What products will be used? How many coats?

A good painting estimate should be detailed. It should list prep procedures, materials to be used, and number of coats to be applied.

Northwest Painting is based in Woodland Washington and specializes in residential repaints in the Vancouver Washington area. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Wa Lic # NORTHP1854D6.

We take the time to cover up and protect. We go the extra mile on prep work and we use top of the line products applying two full coats of paint. Call Northwest Painting to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. 360-225-7427











Choosing a front door color

Front door colors

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I feel it’s a waste to paint the front door the same color as the body or trim. Choosing a separate accent color for the front door is important. An accent color to highlight the design or architecture of your home. When someone comes to visit, the front door is a focal point. It’s nice to have a color that makes people feel welcome.

Choosing a color


As a child, many girls would dream of getting married and living in a house with a red door. Today, red is probably the most common color on front doors. Red is warm and inviting. Burgundy is another common color. Also popular is black, green and blue. Exteriors with three colors are common. A main color which is referred to as “body color” the trim color, and an accent color for the front door. Choose a color that compliments the body and trim colors. Often the shutters will also be painted the accent color. Most paint suppliers will have free brochure’s with 3 color paint schemes. This is a good place to start. Something that goes with the design or architecture of your home. Many people will walk or drive through the neighborhood looking at other front doors.


Use a quality paint

Put a good paint on your front door. At Northwest Painting, we do not put ordinary house paint on front doors. We use an actual enamel for more durability. Call us at 360-225-7427 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate 318480_253359571375124_100001032483018_728792_893456243_n